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How to dress up for indoor cycling

Many of us ride hours on the roller and we do that for different reasons. In recent weeks, certainly in Corona lockdown countries, we have seen an increase in the time spent on the rollers.

Both psychologically and physically pedaling on a roller is more demanding than riding outdoors. With this in mind, the right choice of clothing will help smoothen the effort and enable us to spend more time on it. We have to take into account two key factors that our body goes through whilst on the roller:

Increased body temperature

On the roller we experience a significant increase in body and skin temperature compared to an outdoor activity. While the movement outdoors provides us with continuous cooling -which is detrimental in winter and benefits us in summer- the lack of indoor cooling causes the body and skin temperature to rise. In addition to a decline in performance and an increase in our heart rate, it will also build up perspiration considerably.

Continuous contact of the backside on the saddle.

At indoor training sessions the rider’s position is more static than outdoors, we remain fixed sitting in the saddle most of the time. This will make the body’s contact areas suffer more and therefore the protection of the chamois is even more important than in a regular ride.

In these circumstances, our recommendations are as follows:

Outfit the upper body

With some exceptions, a sleeveless base layer will be enough; we will not need a standard short sleeve jersey because we try to reduce body temperature during the workout. Opting for a base layer, we will look for the one that is not too warm, absorbs sweat well, and dries quickly. With that we hope to avoid large puddles of sweat on the floor. During a long and intense session it is always an option to put on a dry base layer halfway into the training.

We have a few different base layers that we recommend. LABUR, MESH or BARNE for men and AIREA or TOP for women. These base layers offer maximum performance in lightness or breathability.

The MESH base layer was developed during the 2019 season when our sponsored CCC Team riders asked for a super breathable version. This base layer is lightweight and has quick-drying properties; it is available now in our Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

In some cases we will want to wear a jersey, like when we go to a spinning class. In these cases we recommend quick-drying fabrics such as Superdry Light or Superdry. These fabrics can be found in the BATU or BATURA jerseys -training jerseys for the pro riders- and the BARE or BAREA jerseys.

Outfit the lower body

As we mentioned, on the roller we are in constant contact with the saddle and the support area will suffer more than when we ride outdoors. Therefore, it is really important to take into account two factors: the position we have on the bike and our morphology.

Racing position

If we are cyclists who are in a “Racing” position –lower stem and handlebar- our position on the saddle will usually be more forward and the pressure will be greater in the perineal area. In this case, the URRAKI chamois would be the best option because it provides greater protection in the perineal area and has the perfect width to favor pedaling efficiency in an aggressive position. This chamois is incorporated in all the ORHI family bib shorts.

Should you ride in a more relaxed and upright position, yet you are smaller and lighter in size and with narrow hips, then we also recommend the URRAKI chamois.

Endurance position

If we are recreational cyclists, it is likely that the position of our handlebars is higher and therefore we have a higher load on the back of the saddle, accumulating more pressure in the hamstrings. Also, with a more relaxed posture, the distribution of support points -handlebars, saddle, pedals- concentrate more on the saddle which increases the pressure. For these types of riders we need a chamois that is wider in the support area of the lower back and reinforces protection in this area. This is what the ERASO chamois brings us in the EXO bib shorts family. A good option also are the EXO SUPERDRY bib shorts, which in addition to incorporating the ERASO chamois are made with the Powersystem Superdry fabric that takes care of quick drying.

For the women, our recommendation is to opt for the BERASA chamois, incorporated in the IXA SUPERDRY bib shorts there is also the added benefit of the quick-drying fabric.

First price point

If we look for good protection and comfort at Etxeondo’s first price point, the KOM and KOMA bib shorts are two styles that guarantee the performance, durability and design that Etxeondo is known for.

We hope that these tips make the hours spent in the saddle more enjoyable. In case you would like to have more information, you can consult the individual product files of each style or write us at

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