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The cyclist who cycled for 50 hours straight

In the 1990s, a little-known cyclist wore Etxeondo’s most advanced garments even before the professionals: Alberto Guisasola, a doctor from San Sebastian who was passionate about ultra-distance races such as the 1,245-kilometre Paris-Brest-Paris. In 1995, together with eight other cyclists, he set the record for the race: 43 hours and 20 minutes. Always with the same bib-shorts, yes.

Vive Le Tour!

Part of Etxeondo’s history is written in French, caressed by the most beautiful mountain passes in Europe and to the sound of the Tour de France. Anecdotes inside and outside a race that for years has been considered a mecca of world cycling. From 1983, with Ángel Arroyo to 2001 with Roberto Laiseka, passing through Perico Delgado, Haimar Zubeldia and the historic adventure with Tom Doumolin, the ‘allez, allez’ has always been present within the four walls of the Basque company.

Welcome home!

It is always a privilege to share with our partners our passion to provide high-quality clothing to cyclists. At the beginning of November, we invited four loyal Etxeondo dealers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to our headquarters. Across two days with us, they lived close to the beating heart of Etxeondo and experienced the rich Basque culture, which underpins the identity of our brand.

The Breakthrough Years (1983-1988) Part 2.

In 1986, four teams rode the Tour in Etxeondo clothing: Orbea, Fagor, Kas and Reynolds.

“Marketing has changed; back then the most important thing was to dress professional teams and win races,” says Paco Rodrigo. “Here we had everything; good riders, good companies with an interest in investing in cycling and signing big names. We had a lot of cyclists winning races, it was impossible to even keep count”. 

The Breakthrough Years (1983-1988) Part One.

“How many riders got off the bike because they couldn’t stand the friction with the saddle anymore?,” asks Pedro Delgado.

It certainly happened more often in the days of leather chamois, which were rough and creased.
With the cumulative stress of hours and days and weeks of riding, with sweat and dust, rough and bumpy roads, any imperfection in the chamois could leave a rider in severe pain.

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