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How to wash your Etxeondo garments

Before I wash my jersey, do I have to zip it up?’ ‘Can I wash my bib shorts the day after wearing them?’ Read our tips for washing your Etxeondo garments….
The longevity of your Etxeondo clothing depends on proper care. Washing the garment after use, using a short wash programme and a delicate programme in the tumble dryer are key to preserving the technical properties of the garment and extending its life.  Here are our tips:

1. After training… 

To prevent the acidity of sweat degrading the fibres, it is advisable to wash your clothes after cycling. We strongly advise against wearing the same garment on consecutive days without washing it.

Before putting it in the washing machine, close any zips and turn the garment inside out to avoid snagging. It is important that any chamois is on the outside.

2. Wash bag

The use of a laundry bag acts as a physical barrier between the garment and the washing machine, giving additional protection against snagging.

Don’t have yours yet? You can find the new Etxeondo washing bag here.

3. Which programme should I use?

Today’s washing machines are gentle on clothing. Even so, a short programme with a water temperature of 30°C or lower is more than enough for washing cycling clothing.

4. What about the tumble dryer? 

Drying can be done without any problems. In fact, on waterproof garments, tumble drying reactivates their water-repellent membranes. If the tumble dryer has one, it is advisable to use a ‘Sport’ or ‘Delicate Fabrics’ programme. Even so, natural drying, without direct exposure to the sun, is always preferable. <
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