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The e-Bike Ride: Donostia

When the last stages of autumn bring a lull like last weekend, there’s nothing better than taking the Giant Stormguard E+, the Hud-Y helmet from Abus and the latest novelty of the season, the Mugi jacket, to ride around the city. A stroll through the unusually quiet Miramón neighbourhood is the perfect starting point. As it is the weekend, it is possible to enjoy the architecture and design of the buildings in this neighbourhood. Working life takes a step aside to be able to take a leisurely stroll through this unique collection of buildings.
Mugi in Basque means movement, so for a ride like this, wearing a layer that breathes but still protects is the best choice. With low-volume Gore-Tex Infinium fabric, the Mugi protects from the cold while keeping the body dry at all times. If there’s any rain on your commute, it’s completely water repellent, a must for a walk or commute to the office.
Once you have crossed Miramón, it is time to go down to the beach. One of the least crowded and perfect spots to enjoy a panoramic view of the Bay of Kontxa is in the middle of the slope of Aldapeta. At the top of a flight of steps that connects with Calle San Martín, you can get off your bike and enjoy the beautiful views.
But the route continues and after strolling through the centre and Gros, the light becomes warmer and invites you to sit down at the Kursaal to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine. At the end, it was almost 20ºC, so the jacket was momentarily transformed into a fanny pack.
Although let’s not forget that this temperature has been a mirage, so in seconds the jacket comes back on the scene to accompany the coffee afterwards. The truce has only been a truce, so this protection will be perfect for the return home and to put an end to the walk around Donostia.
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