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About lightness

Lightness is a common theme in cycling. But depending on the type of riding we enjoy, it can be interpreted differently. The mini-documentary “About Lightness” examines those different perspectives and meanings.

Endurance Lookbook

The way we enjoy our bicycles is changing. Cycling is now a more open, diverse and accessible sport than ever before. For many of us, riding is a social, recreational activity. A source of fun, new experiences and two-wheeled adventure.

Lookbook Pro

Our priority has always been to pass the benefits of that collaboration directly to our customers. Those products and technologies make up our Pro range, denoted in 2021 by the red label on every garment. Tested by the pros, for you.

Lookbook Essentials

At Etxeondo we focus on what really matters. There are three essential principles that underpin all our collections: Performance, durability and design. Our Essentials range provides a perfect introduction to Etxeondo’s values at an entry-level price point.

Lookbook Spring/Summer 2021

The unveiling of a new collection is always a source of anticipation and excitement at Etxeondo. Always, our aim is that each generation of clothing surpasses the previous one, but perhaps, both in its overall vision and in the detail, our 2021 spring/summer collection stands out for its freshness and diversity.

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